November 26, 2018

In September, 2017 I received an inquiry about my services from Simon. On the surface, it was a straight-forward inquiry; Simon had seen my facebook page and was interested in trying soft tissue therapy, however, I was soon to discover that this inquiry was anything bu...

November 13, 2018

How many of us have thought this or said it out loud?

A lot of people tell me this in a semi-shameful way as if there's something to be embarrassed

about but the truth is that we all do it!

I bet even as you're reading this now your posture is less than ideal. If I'm hone...

September 8, 2017

Eat fat with every meal

I have been tied down in the dogma that I should include carbohydrates OR fat in every meal, but never both. Of course this would be accompanied by a serving of protein as well.

The theory was that your energy demands after that meal would likely...

September 1, 2017

Spending more money on food

There is a saying I like that goes: ‘Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.’

We shouldn’t let cost dictate what we do and don’t fill our trolleys with.

I am by no means rich, so I understand that...