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Whether you lead a physically active life, or you spend a lot of time at a desk, Muscle Doctor is here to help you keep your body and mind feeling healthy, whilst accommodating your busy lifestyle with flexible appointments and home visits. Schedule a personal consultation with me today!
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A natural approach to better body health

At Muscle Doctor in Oxford, my sports massage sessions can be tailored to meet your requirements. I am here to effectively treat your aches and pains and improve your physical health. Whether you are looking for a general massage to help you with daily aches and pains, or you are looking for a treatment plan to help with an injury you are dealing with, I have the necessary solution for you. 
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Helping you feel better

I am highly skilled in numerous sports massage & soft tissuetherapy techniques to help you achieve your health goals. Contact Muscle Doctor with your requirements today.
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What I offer

  • Sports Massage    
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Rehabilitation Advice
  • Injury Treatment
  • Training Programs
  • Diet Plans
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Dedicated to you

I will gain an understanding of your complaint, and provide advanced soft-tissue therapy to treat you on a long term basis.
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"What I really liked was Liam not only took on board my goals, but also the struggles I have had with establishing an appropriate diet to support my training. 
In addition to the actual meal plan, he gave me useful tips (strategies and healthy treats) which have helped me to gradually improve my diet and fit good nutrition in at work. Thank you, Liam!"
- Claire


I aim to promote well-being for every body.
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