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Liam Coffey is a Soft Tissue Therapist based in Oxford. As well as operating a busy clinic, Liam is Lead Tutor at the Oxford School of Sports Massage, overseeing the BTEC Level 5 diploma course in Soft Tissue Therapy. Lecturing most weekends, Liam's particular interests include the core, posture, injury rehabilitation and taping & strapping. Clinically, Liam has acquired experience working with a broad range of clients, from sedentary desk-jockeys with everyday aches and pains to competitive athletes with acute and chronic injuries.


Liam has worked with Bristol City FC since 2018 as a consultant soft tissue therapist and spent 4 seasons working with Oxford University Men's Rugby.

Liam runs a series of CPD workshops for other therapists including Dry Cupping and Rehab 1 - Remedial exercise prescription for the manual therapist.

The Muscle Doctor eBook - Muscle Doctor Mobility was released in 2020 along with a video series available to download with the follow-up, Muscle Doctor Stability, due for the end of 2022.


Liam is a competitive bodybuilder, having competed twice in 2016 taking first place at his first contest at the UKBFF Midlands Championship. He was his own coach for these contests and learned a great deal about training and dieting from the experience. He has been weight training seriously since 2009 and continues to learn more about strength training, nutrition and the human body in general every day.

Liam has Foundational Diplomas in Strength & Conditioning and Personal Nutrition and is able to use the knowledge and experience gained in these qualifications in his treatments and remedial advice given during consultations.

Liam is qualified in Acupuncture and Dry Needling for sports injuries, dry cupping, tooling and many other forms of soft tissue treatment.

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