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Subscribe to my Patreon channel for unrestricted
access to educational content for therapists

Patreon is a subscription based platform where I post videos of assessments, treatments and rehabilitation from a real clinic setting using a first-person point of view headcam.

I began building this because I have a passion for educating other therapists and it's something I would have found incredibly useful when I first started out in my career as a soft tissue therapist.

By subscibing you will have access to a catalogue of videos shot from my point-of view using a GoPro headcam, some narrated and some including the audio from the appointment.

You'll find videos of:
- Assessment
- Massage techniques
- Injury treatment
- Mobilisations
- Advanced soft tissue therapy techniques
- Tooling
- Dry cupping
- Dry needling

And many more... have a look at the video below to get an idea of what you can expect or visit my
page to see what it's all about.

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