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Dry Cupping

When - Saturday 16th March, 2024
Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford
Cost - £135 

This 1 day CPD workshop will provide manual therapists from all backgrounds with the theoretical knowledge behind the effects and uses of dry cupping therapy and a variety of practical applications that you can immediately implement into your practice.

As well as learning correct and safe use of standard dry cupping techniques you will also learn other advanced techniques.

A minimum level of level 3 massage therapist is required for this course.

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Taping & Strapping 

When - Saturday 24th February, 2024
Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford
Cost - £135

This one day workshop is designed for soft tissue therapists, sports massage practitioners, sports therapists, remedial instructors, coaches and others working in the sports environment.

The workshop will enable students to understand the principles of taping and strapping for use in sports injury management and covers the safe application of supportive and rigid taping techniques.

Please note: this workshop does not include kinesiotaping.

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Rehab 1
Remedial exercise prescription for the manual therapist

When - Saturday 3rd February, 2024
Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford
Cost - £135

As manual therapists, it is important that we have a wide vocabulary of remedial exercises to hand to prescribe to our clients and a firm understanding of how to progress or regress these exercises to suit our client's needs.
Rehab 1 - Remedial exercise prescription, aims to equip manual therapists with the knowledge and ability to instruct patients with remedial exercise to treat instability and weakness.

You will come away with a broad range of exercise variations and progressions that you will be able to implement into your clinic immediately.

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Cadaver Dissection Workshop
For manual therapists

When - TBC
Where - King's College Hospital, London
Cost - £249

This one day CPD workshop allows attendees the opportunity to observe and handle various anatomical appendages skilfully prepared by medical students. The body parts vary from workshop to workshop, however, there will be a range of anatomy available from individual parts of the musculo-skeletal system to entire limbs preserved with various soft tissue attached and, in some cases, entire cadavers dissected to various degrees to allow a unique look into the reality of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Students will also have access to the pathology museum throughout the day.

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Rehab 2
Injury rehabilitation

When - TBC
Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford
Cost - £135

This 1 day workshop takes an in-depth look at injury rehabilitation. 

The aim of the course is to provide you, the therapist, with the ability to write a rehabilitation program for a given injury or chronic condition.
In order to achieve this, we will cover the fundamentals of injury rehabilitation, providing you with the building blocks you will need to write a rehab program for your patients.  
We will then take a close look at two real-life case studies from elite-level professional sport and learn how to apply the principles used in these programs to a clinical setting.

It is recommended that students have either attended Rehab 1 - Remedial exercise prescription, or have previous clinical experience of soft injury injury and remedial exercise due to the advanced nature of the course content.

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Mobilisation Techniques for the manual therapist

When - TBC
Where - The Oxford Academy, Oxford
Cost - £135

This 1 day workshop is divided into two sections - active and passive mobilisation techniques.
The passive mobilisation session aims to provide manual therapists with the practical skills required to mobilise various joints, this includes traction of certain joints.

The active mobilisation session aims to empower therapists with the knowledge they need to prescribe various self-mobilisations to patients.
This section also covers 'Neural Glides'.

You will receive a copy of the ebook 'Muscle Doctor Mobility' before the commencement of the course. This 100 page ebook provides you with a wide range of stretches and mobilisations for you to give to patients.

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