Having initially made contact with Liam, the Muscle Doctor, following a lengthy battle with poor health, which resulted in challenged mobility and extreme lower limb pain, tightness and poor circulation, since my initial consultation with Liam last year, I have since received the benefits of reduced pain, higher flexibility, more strength and improved circulation in my lower limbs after having consistent and regular sports massage on my legs.
Liam has been dedicated and genuinely interested and enthusiastic in providing sports massage treatments with the long-term goal of me gaining strength and improved mobility and reducing pain. 
Personally, I would recommend anybody to use Liam's services and most certainly on a long-term basis where the benefits are most likely to be gained and the advice and knowledge given by Liam. It’s something you will use on the daily basis moving forward with improved physical health.


I'm a full-time professional potter, so I use my body everyday for my livelihood. When something goes wrong with my muscles, I can't effectively and efficiently create. For the last two years I've been in pain. I've sought help from an Osteo that came highly recommended. He did ok, but there was always something still wrong. I would have some relief, but the pain always came back and sometimes very quickly. I tried everything he said, and I did yoga regulary. But nothing fixed me. At least nothing until I found the Muscle Doctor! In just one session, Liam assessed my main problem--something that the Osteo couldn't detect over multiple sessons (I probably went 10x, at least!). He is a true expert who understands the way muscles connect to one another, how they operate, and how to use them properly. He listens to his patients, and intelligently identifies the core problem. I can't recommend the Muscle Doctor highly enough! I tell all my friends, because this practice has given me the physical freedom to continue my work without pain. Don't hesitate to book a session! You won't regret it.


I have been seeing Liam since early this year for Sesamoiditis, CRPS and implant complications with my big toe.
When I first saw Liam I was limping and barely able to walk to the end of the drive. I was unable to do housework, ironing, shopping or stand for more than minutes. I had been told by my consultant to live with this condition.

On our first meeting Liam was very positive we started off with massage (I felt immediate relieve after my first session and less inflammation) , homework exercises (these have been fundamental to my progress and recovery).

I have continued to see him every three weeks. 6 months in and I am now walking, doing all the housework and ironing, standing for long periods, shopping in small doses and can weight bear through my foot now. I am back to going out to cinema and restaurants, theatres and things I would not have been able to do before due to chronic inflammation and pain.
In short Liam has turned my life around I would not be as able as I am now without him. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to his continued positivity and enthusiasm for this long term condition.


I couldn't be more pleased with Liam's treatment. The breadth of his knowledge of muscular function, as well as his expert skill in practice, makes for a truly transformative treatment. He provides a thorough and honest assessment first, and then goes to work to address not only the pained areas but also the source of the problem. After only one session, he eliminated the constant headaches I'd had for several weeks. He then came back to me and told me that he'd been researching my particular case, and said that he wanted to test something on me. Sure enough, he'd identified the source of the misalignment. Liam also possesses a professional bedside manner that put me at ease. He was very careful throughout the process, ensuring that I was comfortable. His treatment room is clean and welcoming. I'm looking forward to more treatments with Liam, and I'd recommend his practice to anyone struggling with muscular pain.


Very highly recommend! Liam is a very talented massage therapist. Have been seeing him for sports massage as well as injury rehabilitation and he has been extremely effective on both fronts. 

He knows how to apply the right pressure, and the muscles treated feel really nice and loose the next day, ready for a fresh start again. He's also takes a keen interest in getting to the root of the problem and trying out new things to help you get back to baseline (or better) as soon as possible.

Will definitely continue to see Liam.


I have had back, neck, shoulder pain and sciatica for many years. I thought I had tried all the options. However I found Liam on Google and I had not tried deep tissue massage. I have to say I was a little nervous of using a male practitioner, however from the outset Liam has been so professional I don’t feel in the least bit awkward. The treatments found areas I never knew were in pain but that was exactly the key to my recovery, I had got into such a mess. The results have been amazing and the relief of not being in constant daily pain is fantastic. I now only go for occasional adjustments and also enjoy a catch up with Liam.


I’m 55 now and played sport at an amateur level for at least 30 of those years resulting in numerous injuries. I’ve tried loads of Osteopath’s, Chiropractors and Physiotherapist’s but have never had the success I’ve had with Liam. The different is that Liam doesn’t just treat the condition, he takes a pure holistic approach to addressing the root cause whereas other practitioners focus on the symptom. He is incredibly knowledgeable with regard to body mechanics, nutrition and resistance training and takes time to discuss your needs by listening to you and giving the right advice 100% of the time. He will research a condition to ensure the best possible outcome for you and has totally eliminated the pain I had from an old whiplash injury to my back. I can’t speak highly enough of him and will be forever grateful.


Having managed lower back pain for over 20 years I now choose to see Liam and pay for his services rather than using Osteopaths/Physios/Chiropractors which i could get for free on private health care. The plan is to do strength training to avoid flare ups, so far so good. :)


I have tried all sorts of sports therapists in Oxfordshire since I moved to the area until I found Liam. He rips off your pains without ripping off your wallet. Also with time becomes a friend and takes time to know you and listen you. He also helped me through my training and my diet and I couldn't be more greatfull than I am. without doubts ,the best sports therapist around!


Highly effective therapist, amazing results within weeks as well as the knowledge to continue after Liam's expert help.
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a sports masseure/soft tissue therapist in Oxford.


I have had a number of treatments with Liam which include massage and acupuncture for a back injury. He is extremely professional and made me feel at ease. What impressed my most was his knowledge of the body and how one part impacts on another. There is no question that his treatment has improved my back which has caused my pain for sometime. I would highly recommend and will continue to use him.


I'm a soft tissue therapist myself but for my own treatments Liam is who I choose! Liam has excellent knowledge of injuries and anatomy and keeps up to date with current research. His massage is excellent, and I always feel lighter and rested after treatments!


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