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Course joining instructions

How to find us

The course you have signed up for is run from the Oxford Academy. There is parking on site but it can get busy on weekends so it is recommended that you arrive in good time. The address is listed below, please be aware that, if coming in from the ring road, the Oxford Academy is only accessible from one side - you will need to be travelling South on the ring road to access the slip road. If you are coming from the South then you can simply turn around at the Cowley roundabout and return along the south-bound side of the ring road.

The Oxford Academy

Sandy Lane West




01865 783238

If you are having trouble finding us and need to inform an instructor then please call 07809 434463.


What to bring

It is recommended that you bring loose fitting clothes for your comfort and also to enable your partner to practice the techniques demonstrated with ease.


Please bring all of the water you will need for the day and something to eat for lunch. The nearest supermarkets are both a short 5-10 minute drive down the ring road so you will be able to get out and buy something if you have not brought anything with you.


Although the day is largely practical, it is useful to bring a pen and notepad to write any notes you may want to make.

Please bring a yoga mat for the active mobilisation session.


All therapy couches are provided.

What to expect


When you arrive, make your way to reception. The receptionist will direct you to the training room (usually A2.11 unless informed otherwise). Classroom A2.11 can be found at the top of the stairs, along the corridor and on your right. 

The course will commence at 10.00 with an introduction and practical demonstrations of various joint mobilisation techniques, beginning at the ankle and working up the body. Students will each have the opportunity to practice the techniques demonstrated on each other after each demonstration.


There will be a 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon with a 45 minute lunch break at 13.00.

The afternoon session will include the remainder of the passive joint mobilisation demonstrations and practice followed by an active mobilisation session where students will learn being techniques applicable to a clinical scenario. These techniques are designed to be used as prescriptive mobilisations for clients in their own time.

The day will end with a Q&A session. In this, students can request demonstration on any mobility techniques they feel need more explanation or any body parts that may not have been covered, time depending.

You will receive a link to download your free copy of the eBook Muscle Doctor Mobility the week before your course commences. It is recommended you have a brief read through as an introduction to the principles used in the Active Mobilisation workshop.

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