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Rehab 2
Injury Rehabilitation

This 1 day workshop is theory-based with some practical elements.


It is recommended that you have either completed Rehab 1 - Remedial exercise prescription or have clinical experience of remedial exercise and soft tissue injury before taking part in this course due to the more advanced nature of the course material.

Rehab 2 - Injury Rehabilitation takes a more in-depth look at what goes into a rehabilitation program and how to write one, this will include:

Fundamentals of injury rehabilitation

The nuts and bolts of any injury rehabilitation program. Areas covered include:

  • Types of injury

  • Injury grading

  • Injury time frames

  • Types of muscular contraction

  • Principles of late-stage injury rehabilitation

  • Exercise selection

  • Proprioception

Case studies

We will use 2 real life case studies involving professional, elite level athletes. One will cover an acute stage muscle strain, the other will cover a chronic tendinopathy.

Practical application

We will translate these comprehensive rehabilitation programs into clinical circumstances in ways that can benefit the patients we treat in clinic periodically.

Putting it all together

You will be given the knowledge and resources required to devise your own rehabilitation program for a given injury or chronic condition.



The majority of delegates attending this workshop will not work in professional sport and, therefore, will not have daily input with their patient. The aim of the course is to allow you to write a program that allows your patient to work towards their goal of rehabilitation in between appointments with you, the therapist.

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