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Muscle Doctor BodyFix

This 4 phase plan aims to put you in control of your back pain. 

An easy to follow step-by-step guide teaches you to build core strength, learn correct movement patterns and start to load these movements so you can build the strength and stability you need in your spine to move pain-free.

The program includes a structured and progressive plan using video tutorials and a detailed description of what you should be doing, when and why.

The plan can work for all levels of ability and is suitable for anyone suffering back pain. Whether you're in acute pain and having difficulty moving or able to function in everyday activities but needing to build strength and resilience in your spine to stop recurrences of painful episodes of back pain.

Start your 7 day free trial today to see if it could work for you.


In this phase you will learn how to establish a neutral spine and why this is important. You will then go on to learn how to activate and strengthen the deep core muscles, this will help to reduce acute pain and serves as the foundation to build on as you progress through the phases. 


In this phase you will begin to build the strength needed to move on to the functional movements of phases 3 & 4 that will carry over into every day life. You will also begin to work on strengthening the hip muscles with various glute exercises.


In this phase you will learn to apply the principles of core stability to the foundational movements of human anatomy - the squat, hip-hinge & lunge. Building resiliency and strength in your spine in the context of everyday movements.


In this phase you will build on the compound movements learned in phase 3 to bullet-proof your back for the future and say goodbye to your back pain for good!

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