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Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy



                 45 Minutes




                 60 Minutes




                 90 Minutes



I can come to you

A mobile service is available at a rate of £60 per hour, each request will be considered individually depending on distance from my clinic. There is also an additional charge of 50p per mile travelled. For more details please contact me.




Block Bookings

You can book multiple sessions at once and receive a discount on the usual hourly rate

5 x 1hr Treatments - £200

10 x 1hr Treatments - £375



Gift Vouchers

Treat a loved one to a sports massage. Whether it's a special occasion or you just know they would benefit from a treatment, contact me directly and I will send the voucher to you.





If it's your first time coming for a treatment and you're not sure what to expect then you can click             to find out in more detail what you can expect

Cancellations will require at least 48hrs notice. If not, a charge of 50% of the booked treatment will be charged.

Soft Tissue Therapy - Business Packages

Muscle Doctor can provide a service to suit your business.  I will come to your business and treat your employees at a discounted rate. For more information please contact me directly.


To see our flyer you can click


Personal Consultation - £50


By the end of your personal diet consultation you can expect to walk away with a customised diet plan specific to you based on your personal goals and food preferences. I will also equip you with the knowledge required to make changes to the plan based on how you progress.

You will be sent a questionnaire to be filled out and returned to me. Using this, I will construct a diet plan personalised to you. You will receive the plan as well as detailed instruction, personally, usually in the form of a face-to-face meeting but also via phone if applicable.


Claire, 34

Nutrition Plan

What I really liked was Liam not only took on board my goals but also the struggles I have had with establishing an appropriate diet to support my training.

In addition to the actual meal plan he gave me useful tips (strategies and healthy treats) which have helped me to gradually improve my diet and helped me fit good nutrition in at work. Thank you Liam!

Laura, 28

Nutrition Plan

The knowledge and habit stuck and after my wedding I continued to eat healthily as it wasn’t a diet for me anymore, it was a lifestyle.


I can’t thank Liam enough for ensuring I was happy with how I looked in photos I will keep forever but also educating me to ensure I live a long and healthy life.

Keith, 39, Nutrition Plan

Liam built a diet for me based on my preferences and convenient to my lifestyle.

Because of this I've stuck to it and it's now become a part of my lifestyle.

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