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Cadaver Dissection Workshop

This 1 day CPD workshop is suitable for manual therapists and other bodywork practitioners and provides attendees with the unique opportunity to get hands-on with real cadavers, providing one of a kind insight into the reality of human anatomy.

All cadavers have been skilfully prepared by medical students and you will be given the opportunity to handle and observe the various body parts available that day.

Types of preparation and body parts will vary from workshop to workshop so it is difficult to say exactly what you can expect to see on the day, however, there are a wide range of preparations available that have previously included:
- Individual bones such as a scapula, patella, ilium and various vertebrae.
- Individual soft tissue structures including a spinal cord, intervertebral disc and fascia         samples.
- Individual limbs dissected down to the superficial muscular layers, occasionally with the option to physically remove the superficial muscles and inspect the deeper structures below.
- More wide-ranging specimens such as a full arm with scapula and rotator cuff muscles attached, a full lumbo-pelvic complex dissected to the superficial muscular layer and a fully removable spine from within the upper posterior musculature. 

The workshop will be led by a suitably qualified medical professional who will introduce each specimen and field questions.

If you'd like to attend a workshop but can't make the date then you can click here for a place on the waiting list. We will be in touch as soon as a date for the following course is confirmed..


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