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Muscle Doctor Mobility

Join Liam Coffey from Muscle Doctor every Monday from 7.45-8.15 for an online mobility class catered to all levels of ability. 

All you need is access to Zoom and some floor space to be expertly guided through 30 minutes of stretching and self-mobilisations.

What makes the sessions really unique is the use of certain advanced techniques usually only used by manual therapists in a clinical setting. These techniques enable you to work with your nervous system, more efficiently facilitating a long-term stretch effect, rather than against it by forcing the stretch, which can lead to increased tension and restriction.

If you're not sure what to expect then why not join a session for free to see if it's for you? If you like it then you can sign up in monthly blocks for £25 per month. You will then receive an invite to the session within 24hrs before it begins.

To find out more, register for a free session or to book yourself on a block then you get in touch here.


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