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Mobilisation techniques for the manual therapist

This 1 day workshop is divided into 2 sections:

Part 1

Passive Mobilisation


Students will be instructed on joint mobilisation of various joints, these will include:

  • Foot

  • Ankle

  • Knee

  • Hip

  • Sacro-iliac joint

  • Shoulder (Scapulothoracic & Glenohumeral joints)

  • Wrist

  • Hand


The demonstration of the techniques will work through the body with each joint mobilisation demonstration followed by a chance to practice the techniques shown. 

Part 2

Active Mobilisation


Students will be instructed on self-mobility techniques for their patients to be able to use in their own time. This section is particularly useful for the purposes of prescribing mobility movements to patients as part of their remedial exercise programs.

This section includes 'Neural Glides', a type of mobilisation targeting nerves, specifically the sciatic and median nerves.

The workshop will end with a Q&A. This will give students an opportunity to request instruction for specific mobilisations or stretches of their choice.

You can join the waiting list for the next course date here.

You will receive a free copy of the Muscle Doctor Mobility ebook on booking

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