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Protein Packed Omelette

Total Meal – Carbs – 20g Protein – 100g Fat – 32g

As many eggs as you like – I’ll be using 6

Any filling you like – I like to use chicken, ham, mushrooms and cheese

Coconut Oil

Any herbs or spices you like – I’ll be using paprika and parsley

1 small tub of cottage cheese

o Heat 1 tsp of coconut oil in a frying pan a suitable size for the amount of eggs. For 6 eggs I use a large 12” frying pan

o When the coconut oil has melted, add the chicken, ham and mushrooms and turn the heat to high

o While the fillings are cooking, crack the eggs into a jug and whisk, adding the paprika and parsley

o When the fillings are cooked turn the heat to med/high and add the egg mixture, making sure to cover the pan evenly with the mixture

o As the mixture starts to cook, use a flexible spatula or something similar to pry around the edges, gradually separating it from the pan

o Continue to pry the omelette away until the whole thing moves freely around the frying pan

o Add the cheese and let it melt for 1-2 minutes

o Fold the omelette. You can fold it in half or the way I prefer is to fold 1/3 over, let it cook for a few more minutes and then fold again so both folds are now on the underside of the omelette

o Let it cook for a couple of minutes longer and serve with the cottage cheese on the side

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