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Spending more money on food

There is a saying I like that goes: ‘Your body will be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag. Invest in yourself.’

We shouldn’t let cost dictate what we do and don’t fill our trolleys with.

I am by no means rich, so I understand that we can’t all source the freshest, most local, organic food sources but ask yourself; how much do you spend on things that you could do without? The £40 a month mobile phone contract, the £50 a month sky tv subscription, the takeaways or meals out, the cigarettes, the alcohol?

We associate these things with treats but many of them are actually bad for our health and will lead to deterioration of your health and wellbeing as well as leaving a big hole in your wallet!

It’s important to learn to associate ‘treats’ with things that are good for your health.

See what you could do without and try spending the leftover cash on something that’s good for you.

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