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You're a role model

If you’ve ever been in a gym and especially if you’re a regular gym-goer then this is directed at you.

You are a role model.

Think about that and let it sink in.

The chances are, someone, at some point, has looked at your example of how to do something without you even realising it.

This is why it’s important what you do when you think no-one’s watching – because someone’s always watching.

So every time you’ve left you’re weights out, spent 5 minutes browsing facebook between sets, left the bathroom without washing your hands or made fun of someone else, it’s likely that someone has noticed.

When you joined the gym how did you feel the first time you walked in?

I was nervous. I was sure everyone would be looking at me and judging me for being the newbie.

I found my bearings, took note of my surroundings and did as others did, partly because I thought this must be the way things are done but also so I fit in and didn’t stand out.

I followed the example set by others.

I’m sure they had no idea I was learning directly from the example they set bu that was my first exposure to any kind of gym etiquette.

It took me years to shake off some of the bad habits learned during those first few sessions.

The same is true in life – someone’s always watching.

And if they’re not, act like they are.

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