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Eat 3 Meals a day

I, like many others, have been stuck in my bodybuilder ways, consuming 5-8 meals a day for years. My reasoning behind this was that it would keep blood sugar levels steady, it was easier to eat and digest more little meals than fewer, bigger meals and that I wouldn’t get as hungry. This is the norm in the world of bodybuilding and what I’m suggesting flies in the face of everything I’ve ever read about nutrition from that perspective.

What isn’t as widely known is that by eating so frequently, you’re not giving your body enough time to digest and absorb the nutrients you’re ingesting.

Everytime you put food in your mouth, you restart the digestion process. This disrupts what’s going on in the gut as the body turns its attention to what’s just gone in your mouth, meaning what hasn’t been digested is just going to be packaged up and sent to the disposal chute.

I now eat 3, sometimes 4 meals a day. When I first experimented with this I thought I would be starving, and I was quite hungry at the beginning, but I soon got used to it. Now, I feel I have more energy, I have less gastro-intestinal ‘distress’, I’m not worried about whether I’ll have my food on me so I can eat it when I’m supposed to and when it’s time to eat, I’m actually hungry and looking forward to my food!

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘You are what you eat’, I think a more accurate saying is ‘You are what you can absorb.’

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