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Eat fat with every meal

I have been tied down in the dogma that I should include carbohydrates OR fat in every meal, but never both. Of course this would be accompanied by a serving of protein as well.

The theory was that your energy demands after that meal would likely not require the calories from the fat and the carbohydrates from the meal so at least some of the excess would be stored as adipose.

As I type this out I realise it looks ridiculous but I heard/read this, believed it, and that’s what I did, for years.

What I didn’t know however, was that ingesting fat causes your gall bladder to release the bile that your stomach needs to break down the food you’ve just put in it. Without this, your food will be passing through the stomach largely undigested.

So, a bit of peanut butter, some olive oil, nuts, eggs or a knob of butter will go a long way to improving your digestion.

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