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Train for your goal

If you’re training for a certain look then how do you plan to achieve that?

Who has that look?

What do they do?

How do they train?

What do they eat?

These all sound like very obvious questions but they’re ones you need to ask yourself if you’re not achieving the results you’d like to be.

For example: When I started training my number one goal was to gain muscle mass, so what did I do? I started running every other day and lifting – full-body, light weights, high reps, every other day. What happened? I stayed skinny-fat.

There are a number of reasons this happened:

o I wasn’t eating the right types and quantities of food

o I wasn’t giving my body the stimulus required to elicit an adaptive response

o I wasn’t giving my body the recovery it needed

Think about what you are doing in your training and now think of someone who does this type of training to a very high standard, elite level, and what they look like.

If you are running long distances – Mo Farah

Fast explosive movements such as sprints – Usain Bolt

Crossfit – Rich Froning

Lifting as heavy weights as possible for a small amount of reps and eating everything in sight – Eddie Hall

Lifting heavy objects for multiple reps, regular cardio and a well-balanced diet high in protein and essential fats – Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you’re training goal is aesthetic then, apart from genetic exceptions, there are certain things that everyone needs to do to see results:

o Pick up heavy things and put them down – a lot

o Eat a well-balanced diet full of essential fats, complex carbohydrates and proteins

o Allow your body to recover

There is nothing wrong with training for any look you like but if you’re goal is add muscle, lose fat and look good on the beach then why would your training consist of long runs a few times a week?

Take a look at the top 1% and follow their example.

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