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You're a role model

June 23, 2017

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Quotericeps #1

June 29, 2017

I love quotes.


I collect them; in a word document, screenshots on my phone, written down, wherever I see a decent one, which means they're very displaced.


Which is why I'm starting Quotericeps - all my favourite quotes in weekly instalments until I run out of them or get bored!


Most of them can be applied to health and fitness but they can all be applied to life in some way.


Most of them are quite short and easily digestible. The first instalment is not.


But it sums up pretty much everything I've learned about the human body so far:

We don't know an awful lot about it.


None of our textbooks could tell us the how and why of healing. They explained the basics of scientific medicine – anatomy, biochemistry, bacteriology, pathology and physiology – each dealing with one aspect of the human body and its discontents. Within each subject the bo