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The Perfect Protein Shake

Follow this recipe for a low-cost, easy to make, meal-replacement shake with a thick, satisfying consistency and lots of healthy nutrients.

And you don’t even need to use milk!

Carbs – 60g Protein – 30g Fat – 15g Cals – 500

50g or ½ cup of oats

1 banana

1 tsp/25g Peanut Butter

200ml water

1 scoop of protein powder of your choice, chocolate works well

o Pour the water into a blender

o Add the rest of the ingredients

o Blend until the mixture has an even consistency

o Serve in a glass, pour into a shaker and refrigerate for later or just drink it straight from the shaker!

Ø A general rule of thumb to achieve this consistency is to use 100ml of water for every 25g or ¼ cup of oats

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