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Quotericeps #1

I love quotes.

I collect them; in a word document, screenshots on my phone, written down, wherever I see a decent one, which means they're very displaced.

Which is why I'm starting Quotericeps - all my favourite quotes in weekly instalments until I run out of them or get bored!

Most of them can be applied to health and fitness but they can all be applied to life in some way.

Most of them are quite short and easily digestible. The first instalment is not.

But it sums up pretty much everything I've learned about the human body so far:

We don't know an awful lot about it.

None of our textbooks could tell us the how and why of healing. They explained the basics of scientific medicine – anatomy, biochemistry, bacteriology, pathology and physiology – each dealing with one aspect of the human body and its discontents. Within each subject the body was further divided into systems. The chemistry of muscle and bone, for example, was taught separately from that of the digestive and nervous systems. The same approach is used today, for fragmentation is the only way to deal with a complexity that would otherwise be overwhelming. This strategy works perfectly well for understanding spaceships, computers or other complicated machines, and it’s very useful in biology. However, it leads to the reductionist assumption that once you understand the parts, you understand the whole. That approach ultimately fails in the study of living things – hence the widespread desire for an alternative, holistic medicine – for life is like no machine humans have ever built: It’s always more than the sum of its parts.” – Robert O. Becker

If you know of any great quotes then please send them on to me at

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